Your Health Information is protected with us. North Canyon Medical Center employs a fully-integrated electronic health record called Cerner. This information technology allows for encrypted protection of your health information, with electronic logs of all access to the record and insurance privacy.

Family Practice Physicians associated with your care locally are also integrated with this records system to ensure continuity of care and protocols relating to patient safety, best practices, and full documentation.

Your medical record can also be released electronically to physicians and specialists directly involved with your care. To ensure our patients’ privacy, a specific form has been created to authorize records release.

Questions about your medical records? Contact the appropriate person below.

For questions about…

Release of Information
Birth Certificates
Director of HIM/PFS

Phone #

(208) 934-4433 ext. 1186
(208) 934-4433 ext. 1212
(208) 334-5988
(208) 934-4433 ext. 1199