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Magic Valley’s “Women in Business” Winners Announced

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Magic Valley Women in Business Winners Announced
Shellie Amundson Women in Business Winner

2018 Magic Valley Honorable Mention Business Woman of the Year, Shellie Amundson has named North Canyon Medical Center’s Community Relations Director, Shellie Amundson, as one of this year’s “Women in Business.” Congrats Shellie, we’re so lucky to have you serving our community.

More information:

Shellie Amundson, Community Relations Director

As the Director of Community Relations at North Canyon Medical Center in Gooding, Idaho for the past 15 years, Shellie Amundson has become seasoned to the changing dynamics of healthcare and the impact those changes have on patients. In this role, Shellie fulfills the duties of Public Relations, Marketing, Event Planning, and is the liaison between the hospital and the communities which it serves. Shellie proudly serves on a variety of civic group organizations including: Gooding Rotary, Gooding Urban Renewal Agency Board, and the Hagerman, Wendell and Gooding Chambers of Commerce.

Over the past 15 years Shellie has been involved in creating successful marketing strategies to open a new hospital in 2010, a new medical center in 2017, dissolve a taxing district and a variety of campaigns to bring awareness of expanding lines of services. While creating these strategies, Shellie has focused on telling the story of North Canyon Medical Center, instead of analyzing how to “market to” someone. Her success is attributed to speaking from the heart, telling the community who NCMC is, what they believe in, and what patients can expect when they come to the hospital. Shellie believes that she is not trying to sell something but rather, BE SOMETHING; a game changer in the world of healthcare.

For Shellie, her greatest achievements are the relationships she has created with community members and the patients. She sees no difference between her professional self and her personal self. With a career she is passionate about, Shellie’s two worlds have become one, and her personal mission has become a compliment of her professional mission.

Unlike the traditional mindset of business professionals, Shellie focuses more on the impact the business has on the lives of people. She has an exceptional ability to recognize and understand the needs of others, and a passion to follow the path that focuses on that ability. She sees each day as an opportunity to live an impactful, meaningful life filled with passion, patience, and compassion for others.

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