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North Canyon Medical Center announces plans for a chapel

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North Canyon Medical Center announces plans for a chapel
By Elizabeth Hadley - KMVT 11

GOODING, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The North Canyon Medical Center in Gooding is announcing their plans to build a chapel on the hospital campus.

A chapel is something that the hospital has been working on for a long time, because it is a nice quiet place for patients, or family members to go and pray or think.

The chapel is going to be a community project, and anyone who donates will get their name or their companies name on a wall in the chapel.

The chapel will be built off the main hallway right before the cafeteria and will be 600 square feet.

“Even if someone didn’t want to use it for religious reasons, it’s just a nice quiet place for those who just need to get away from the chaos or the stress of what they are dealing with,” said Shellie Amundson the community relations director said. “Sometimes, even our own employees, when we are dealing with traumatic situations, even during the COVID crisis, there were a lot of time when our staff just needed a place to step away, have some peace, a sanctuary, whether they are wanting to pray or not pray, this will really be that environment.”

They are currently in the process of raising money, and they hope to break ground in the spring of 2022.

To donate you can contact:

Shellie Amundson
(208) 934-9884

North Canyon Medical Center