North Canyon Medical Center Self-Service Patient Estimates

To help you understand how much you, as a patient, will pay for your health care procedure, North Canyon Medical Center has implemented this Self-Service Patient Estimate tool. You will receive an estimate for your hospital services customized to your health insurance plan and the procedure(s) you select.

Your healthcare needs are unique so will vary based on your customized treatment plan.  For example, surgery type, recovery time, pharmacy, and other supplies or implants can vary widely based on your individual needs.

Your individual insurance coverage is complex. We will do our best to help you understand its coverage and your out-of-pocket costs.

Currently, we are only able to estimate our facility charges.  Professional fees, such as physician, radiology, pathology, or anesthesia, are not included in our estimate.  We are working on including them in the future to give a more complete estimate of your services.

If you have any questions or concerns about our billing, please call 208-934-4433. Our Patient Financial Counselors will be happy to help you.


Standard Charges – As part of the CY2020 Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) rule (CMS-1717-F2), the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) expanded its prior interpretations of section 2718 of the Public Health Service Act. The rule requires all hospitals to make a list of both gross charges and negotiated rates for all services the hospital provides in a comprehensive machine-readable file, as well as a consumer-friendly display of 300 shoppable services that are customarily provided by the hospital. This rule is referred to as the “Hospital Price Transparency Final Rule”. The shoppable services can be viewed by using our Self-Service Patient Estimate tool above.

Please click the links below to view our standard charges and negotiated rates, in machine-readable format.

Negotiated rates are subject to a patient’s benefits as determined by the insured’s policy.
Negotiated rates shown are what insurance pays hospital after co-pay, coinsurance, and deductibles have been met by the patient. For additional questions on insurance coverage, please contact NCMC’s Business Office at (208) 934-4433.

Standard Charges and Negotiated Rates-Hospital »

Standard Charges and Negotiated Rates-Clinics »

Pharmacy Charges »

Price estimates are for all North Canyon locations, although the services offered differ by location. Some procedures do not exactly match a particular billing code. We will look at the most similar procedure to determine the actual charge amount.

Cash Discounts

After appropriate paperwork is complete, patients may qualify for a cash discount or a sliding fee scale to help offset the amount owed. Please call (208) 934-8764 for more information.