We offer 3D Mammography

NCMC 3D Mammography Flyer

3D Mammography (Tomosynthesis) is an x-ray procedure that uses low-dose radiation to create an image of breast tissue. 3D Mammography is the best way to find breast cancer early, because it can detect tumors smaller and earlier than 2D Mammography.

Finding a lump early significantly improves a woman’s chance of successful treatment. So at NCMC, with digital 3D Mammography, a qualified technologist, and great customer service, you can’t get any better.

To learn more about 3D Mammography, see the topics below.

3D Mammography is the single best method for the early detection of breast cancer. Due to its capability of finding very small growths and abnormalities, the mammogram is often called “the picture that can save your life.”

Nursing mothers should not have a mammogram until breast feeding has been discontinued for at least 6 months. If you are under the age of 40, ask your health care provider about mammography. Most doctors recommend that women begin having a yearly mammogram at age 40, as the risk of breast cancer increases with age.

Before coming to your mammogram appointment, do not apply deodorant or powder to your underarm or chest. These items can interfere with getting an optimal picture and create difficulty in reading the x-rays.

The day of your mammogram, you will be taken to a private room where a technologist will position you in front of the mammogram machine. Your breast will be placed between two plastic plates and these will compress your breast while the x-ray is taken. Although there may be a few seconds of discomfort as your breast is being compressed, the technologist will work quickly and ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

A radiologist will read your mammogram and create a written report with recommendations. In addition, you will receive a letter from North Canyon Medical Center indicating the recommended actions for you to take.

Financial Assistance for 3D Mammography

Each year thousands of women are not receiving life-saving mammograms, stating the main reason as inability to pay. Our 3D Mammography Department is dedicated to the fight against breast cancer and works to ensure that women receive a mammogram regardless of ability to pay. NCMC participates in several programs designed to offset or cover the cost of a screening mammogram. You may qualify for financial assistance.

Program Guidelines:

  • Low income
  • No insurance for a mammogram
  • High insurance deductible
  • One mammogram per calendar year