Jerome Clinic

North Canyon Medical Center Announces New Jerome Clinic

NCMC fulfills decade-long legacy to expand into Jerome

North Canyon Medical Center announced the opening of a clinic in Jerome County. The clinic will be in The Heritage Plaza at Crossroads Point Business Center, 491 Heritage Dr., in Jerome, and is scheduled to open this Fall 2020.

Services Offered

  • Pediatrics
  • Urgent Care
  • Radiology – x-ray
  • Laboratory – On-site lab draws and point of care testing
  • Orthopedics
  • General Surgery
  • Urology
Press release: North Canyon Medical Center Announces New Jerome Clinic

North Canyon Medical Center expanding to Jerome

By Alex Grant - KSAW MAGIC VALLEY - May 25, 2020

JEROME — North Canyon Medical Center, located in Gooding, has already made an effort to expand in the Magic Valley. They have an orthopedic clinic in Twin Falls and a family medicine clinic in Buhl. Now, it is looking to extend its reach even further by opening a new facility in Jerome. The new clinic will be located in the Heritage Plaza.

The new clinic is being built to better serve Magic Valley residents. The facility is also hoping to make it more accessible for patients, rather than make the drive to Gooding.

CEO of North Canyon Medical Center J’Dee Adams stated, “what we’ve found is that when we partner with the communities locally, we’re able to better serve the needs of those communities.”

The clinic will have a variety of services for its patients, including pediatrics, orthopedics, general surgery, urology, x-ray’s, and urgent care.

Since it is unknown how long COVID-19 will be around, clinic officials are preparing to offer on-site testing and treatment. Adams stated, “We would offer that service at that location and continue to look for ways to make sure that we’re supporting businesses, individuals, all those types of things that are dealing with this Coronavirus pandemic.”

The Jerome Clinic will also be offering job opportunities within the next six to eight weeks. Long-standing employees will take some positions, yet there will still be plenty of other opportunities for those looking for work.

Construction and renovation are hoping to get started within the next couple of weeks. The Jerome facility is planning for a full opening in the first week of September. Yet, depending on when on construction starts and if it runs smoothly, that date may be susceptible to change.