North Canyon Medical Center offers a wide range of inpatient services including: acute, observation, isolation, outpatient and swing bed. We take pride in providing comprehensive, compassionate care to all patients seeking our services. Patients who choose NCMC for their healthcare needs receive cutting edge technology, innovative and progressive healthcare management, and traditional medical practices, all while being cared for by highly skilled staff.

Our private, patient rooms are spacious and are designed for your comfort. We offer comfortable side chairs and sofas, a large window and a private restroom and shower.

Inpatient Meal Service

Inpatient Visiting Information
The main hospital entrance at NCMC is locked each evening at 9:00pm and reopens each morning at 6:00am.

Inpatient Meal Service
Patients at NCMC can choose from a variety of meals, according to your specific health needs. Room delivery is also available, for a charge, to your visitors.