You Can Quit! We Can Help.

Smoking causes fatal lung cancer. Our smoking and tobacco cessation program uses the QuitSmart® system led by a heath care professional certified as a QuitSmart® Leader. The program is a simple three-session program developed over 25 years of research and practice by the director of the QuitSmart® program at Duke University Addictions Program. Individual or group sessions are available for those wishing to be “Smoke Free”.

Stop Smoking - Lung Comparison

Results of the QuitSmart® treatment are encouraging. The success rate is double or triple the success rates of most tobacco treatment plans.

The tobacco cessation program teaches smokers two ways to overcome physical addiction:

  • systematic switching to brands progressively lower in nicotine delivery prior to quitting, and
  • use of nicotine-replacement therapy

In addition, patients will use:

  • a hypnosis CD or audiotape to reduce the stress of quitting, and
  • a patented realistic cigarette substitute to break the smoking habit.

For more information, contact our Respiratory Therapy (RT) department at (208) 934-4433 ext. 1125Monday–Friday7:00AM–3:30PM.

Smoke-Free Campus

North Canyon Medical Center is a smoke-free campus. This policy will not allow tobacco use on the grounds of the hospital. North Canyon Medical Center is dedicated to the health of our community and setting a good example in relation to health-related issues. For more information regarding this policy, please feel free to contact our Respiratory Therapy Director at (208) 934-4433 ext. 1125 or the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at ext. 1105.