For the convenience of our patients and local residents, North Canyon Medical Center invites specialty physicians, from across the valley, to use our Specialty Clinic. A wide-range of specialists show their dedication to our community by coming to the Specialty Clinic to serve your healthcare needs, close to home. From routine check-ups to surgical services, we have you covered.

Visiting specialists see patients at the Specialty Clinic on a regular basis.

Specialty Clinic

(208) 934-8829

Our staff is familiar and highly competent in determining when you may need specialized care. We work closely with other medical facilities both in state as well as out of state. If necessary, we facilitate transfers to the most applicable facilities. Obtaining test results may take some time, however, be assured that our team will provide compassionate, professional and continuous care in reaching an accurate diagnosis and delivering the best treatment.

Phone #
Fax #
Cardiac Mobile Lab By Physician Referral
Cardiology (Heart) Dennis Enomoto, MD FACC (208) 814-8200 (208) 933-4921
Dermatology Kade Sorensen, PA-C (208) 934-8829 (208) 934-4874
EEG Awais Riaz, MD By Physician Referral (208) 934-4874
General Surgery Nicolas Hayes, DO (208) 934-9678 (208) 934-4874
Hand & Wrist Surgery Kyle Grooms, MD (208) 934-5237 (208) 934-4874
Orthopedics Guy Grooms, MD (208) 934-5237 (208) 934-4874
Sleep Center Brian Fortuin, MD
Richard Hammond, MD
(208) 934-8829 (208) 934-4874
Suboxone Clinic Reid Lofgran, DO (208) 934-4446
Telebehavioral Health Anne Lin, MD (208) 934-8829 (208) 934-4874
Urology Cory Bates, MD (208) 934-5237 (208) 934-4874
Wound Care Nicolas Hayes, DO (208) 934-9678 (208) 934-4874

For more information, see the Specialty Clinic Calendar, call us at (208) 934-8829, or fax us at (208) 934-4874.