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SmartCurve technology makes mammograms less painful

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The SmartCurve system allows for less painful mammograms.

The SmartCurve system allows for less painful mammograms.

By Times-News, - JULIE A. FERRARO

GOODING — New technology is making mammograms less painful.

North Canyon Medical Center will be ordering the new SmartCurve system for mammograms in the near future.

To help fund this innovative technology, Tough Enough to Wear Pink will present a $10,000 check during a public reception at the hospital Friday.

“The curved plates provide a more comfortable, contoured exam for the patient,” spokeswoman Shellie Amundson said.

“This system is an enhancement to the 3D technology we already have at North Canyon Medical Center,” Amundson said. “What we hear most often about mammograms is the pain of compression prevents many women from getting their annual checkup.”

Seven in 10 women experience some degree of pain during a mammogram, according to a SmartCurve graphic, either from the force of compression, the pinching of breasts or the amount of time spent under compression.

Traditional mammograms are performed using a compression system, which is two flat plates trying to flatten curved breast tissue equally.

SmartCurve uses curved plates that dramatically reduce compression pain, Amundson said.

Lead mammographer Jamie Ramsey explained how the SmartCurve system will integrate with the existing 3D mammography machinery. “It’s more ergonomically fashioned,” she said of the compression plates. “There’s a nice, soft rounding in the center of the paddle.”

“It also distributes pressure more equally across the breast tissue which decreases the pinching many women feel when tissue is not compressed equally,” Amundson said.

The SmartCurve website lists the system as improving comfort in 93% of patients who reported moderate to severe discomfort with standard compression technology. Also, 97% of patients surveyed would recommend facilities using the SmartCurve system.

“We are hoping it will be one less reason or excuse for women not to have a mammogram,” Ramsey said.

Western Waste will also be promoting their pink trash can program at Friday’s reception, with funds from the sales donated to North Canyon Medical Center’s breast cancer fund.

The reception begins at 10 a.m. with coffee and cupcakes served.

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