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The relationship between physical, mental and social well-being

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The relationship between physical, mental and social well-being
By Emily Elisha - KMVT

The World Health Organization says, that health is a combination between complete physical, mental and social well-being. These three all intertwined and can all have an affect one another.

“They’re very interlinked, it kind of goes back and forth,” said Dr. Reid Lorgran, who is a family physician at North Canyon Medical Center. “If you have a lot of physical ailments… that can lead to mental illness. We have a lot of people who have, digestive issues. Of course, that leads to a lot of anxiety when you’re out in public. If you have chronic pain, you tend to not sleep very well and you tend to get depressed. If you have mental illness that can also lead to physical illness.”

However, what happens to those who cannot afford to take care of their physical health? Then, their mental health also becomes affected. Dr. Lofgran says that living life in a constant state of crisis, like not knowing where you’re going to sleep at night or not being able to pay your bills –can cause anxiety and depression, which can then cause long-term health conditions.

“All of those mental health illnesses lead to stress hormones that have the impact in our bodies,” said Dr. Lofrgran. “If we’re living with adrenaline always being pumped out of our system, then our blood pressure is going to up. We’re going to be at risk for strokes and heart attacks. It also leads to cortisol release, which makes our sugars go up. It could potentially put us at high risk for diabetes.”

The relationship between physical, mental and social well-being

North Canyon Medical Center understands the importance of helping community members afford to stay healthy. This week they’ve been holding their annual Family Health Fair. This event helps an average of 1,200 people get low cost blood panels, which is sometimes their only medical exam all year long.

“So, for that panel it would cost well over $300 dollars to come-in for that blood work. At the health fair, we offer a special for $35 dollars,” explained North Canyon Medical Center’s community relations director, Shellie Amundson. “Someone will come-in and say, ‘You know, I normally don’t do this but I just feel a little tired this year and thought I’d better come in and get this blood work done.’ And, sure enough we find a really critical health situation going on.”

Community members realize, just how valuable the benefits of this service are. “We come every year to get blood draws,” said Sandi Todd, who is a loyal event goer. “I get all my blood work done through the Gooding health fair to get my thyroid levels. It’s actually cheaper than doing it otherwise. So, I’ve just been very grateful.”

Medical experts remind us, that saying physically and mentally healthy… doesn’t always start at the doctor’s office.

“There are some great benefits in doing a simple meditate ion and that costs nothing. There’s really no cost in going out for a walk and trying to stay healthy. There are a lot of food that are less expensive than the unhealthy foods,” said Dr. Lofgran.

“Time and time again we see when patients commit to a healthier lifestyle, improving their diet and improving their exercise, everything improves for them,” expressed Amundson.

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